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Dubai is one of seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. The others are, Abu Dhabi (the capital), Sharjah, Fujeirah, Ras Al Khaima, Ajman and Um Al Quwain.
Each Emirate has its laws, and its ruler.

The UAE is a part of the GCC (Gulf Countries Coalition) you can think of this like the European Union, but the Arab version. The GCC also includes: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Baharain and The Sultanate of Oman.


Currency: The official currency is the Emirati Dirham. One Canadian dollar is equivalent to roughly 2.74 AED.

Writing Portfolio

Below you will find articles I have written. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

tedescoTedesco Restorations

January 2014

The Canadian Business Journal

An article about a Toronto based company specializing in residential restorations


Fern Fascination

March 2014

​The Canadian Business Journal

A family run greenhouse operation that expanded into one of North America’s premier grower and provider of ferns.



February 2014

The Canadian Business Journal

 A company offering a unique spin on POS Merchant Services. In the “cloud” credit card solutions


Humpty’s Family Restaurants

February 2014

The Canadian Business Journal

 What started out as a family breakfast restaurant in a rural Alberta community is now a cross Canada, 49-store franchise serving breakfast lunch and dinner!


Agrocorp Canada

February 2014

The Canadian Business Journal

 Agrocorp Canada, is the result of a merger between Canadian company IT&T and Agrocorp International PTE. Through Agrocorp Canada 800 000 metric tonnes of agricultural commodoties are exported annually from Canada.

jd mollard

J.D. Mollard and Associates (2010) Limited

April 2014

The Canadian Business Journal

 An arial photography and consulting firm with projects on every continent and even Mars!

bmw grand river

BMW Grand River

April 2014

The Canadian Business Journal

 Gone are the days of the sleazy car salesman at BMW Grand River!

Hotel Verde

Hotel Verde

January 2014

The African Business Journal

Geothermal temperature control, energy generating gym equipment and rewarding guests who practice “green” behaviours are just a few of the things that make visiting Hotel Verde in Cape Town, South Africa, a unique experience.


Rockmech Mining & Construction

December 2013

The African Business Journal

Rockmech Mining & Construction took two years to get it’s first contract but that did not deter the founders, they have overcome many challenges including the logistical issues of mining in Africa and are now a multi-million dollar company.

vm construction

VM Construction

November 2013

The African Business Journal

From humble beginnings to buildings fit for royalty. VM construction has been commissioned to refurbish a chalet for visiting members of the British Royal Family and build a villa for a European Monarch. VM Construction provides solutions for building in logistically challenging locations.


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